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No, Dimpo is not an online accounting or tax software but rather a platform that provides a secure portal and workspace for accountants, their staff and their clients

Dimpo is a platform that allows accountants to receive all their clients’ documents online, to have an unlimited electronic signature module, to receive payments online and to communicate via an internal messaging system
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Dimpo covers all your needs for the accounting process for both Individuals (T1) and Corporations (T2)

Yes, Dimpo is a cloud-hosted platform.
This means that you can access it from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection, and all your data is stored in the cloud.
This cloud solution gives you flexibility, reduced infrastructure costs, and regular, automatic updates and features.

Once the accountant has completed his registration with Dimpo, his web profile page will be instantly active and online. Then you need to complete your web profile, activate the online payment and you’re done.
We have worked to make it easy and simple to sign up and integrate with Dimpo. We are confident that in just 15 minutes, our users will be able to sign up and integrate easily with our platform.
However, we are always here to support your integration, in case of difficulty, please contact us

Yes, Dimpo is a responsive website, which means that it is designed to adapt to different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Thanks to its responsive design, you can access the platform from any device and enjoy an optimal user experience, whether on a big screen or a small mobile screen.
The platform’s layout, images and content automatically adjust to your device’s screen size for smooth and comfortable browsing.

Yes, the Dimpo website and platform are responsive and adaptable to different types of devices

The client can complete the entire process for a tax return or corporate filing via their mobile device.

No, there is no obligation to have a website.
On the contrary Dimpo offers you the possibility to be present online and to have a web profile that you complete as you wish.
Through this personalized web profile, you can display your services, your rates and the languages spoken in the office. You will have a QR code that leads to your web profile. And many other features.

Yes, absolutely. We can provide you with an HTML link to integrate on your website, which will allow you and your customers to benefit from all the features of our Dimpo platform
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Yes, you will not have to pay any additional fees for this. In addition, all updates and security services are included in the subscription.

At Dimpo Platform, the security and privacy of your data and your customers’ data is our top priority. We have invested heavily to ensure an ultra-secure platform and offer you complete peace of mind.
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Dimpo offers unlimited electronic signatures with no additional or hidden fees.

Yes, unlimited electronic signatures are available with both the Individual and Corporate modules

After sending a document for electronic signature, you can view real-time status updates throughout the signing process via the Dimpo dashboard. Once documents are signed, you will receive notifications.

With Dimpo electronic signatures, you can upload and electronically sign documents in PDF format.

The pricing is based on use: you will only pay for the tax-returns you have made, and a direct debit will be prepared at the end of the month based on your use.
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The pricing is based on the number of companies you wish to register, you can select the corresponding package
For more details, please consult the Rates page

Yes, of course, you can upgrade your pack and increase it whenever you need it.

Yes, the messages you exchange with your customers on the Dimpo platform are secure and are subject to the same security and privacy rules of all Dimpo platform

Yes, absolutely, your files shared on the Dimpo platform are secure. Dimpo uses security protocols to protect user data, such as transmitting data via SSL, storing data in secure data centers, and managing data access strictly and limitedly. Additionally, Dimpo is compliant with data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Also, your data is stored on Amazon AWS and is backed up daily and stored within Canada.

There are several ways to be informed as soon as a message is received. Indeed, you can receive notifications, be alerted when your dashboard is opened, or be notified by a flashing light on the client’s name or the file in the Company mode.

Yes, of course. As a Dimpo account owner, you decide which customers your employees or collaborators will work with and which access rights they may have.

Yes, there are ways to add internal security for team members on the Dimpo platform. Dimpo offers features such as role-based access control, which allows team administrators to assign specific roles and permissions to team members.
We have a section on access rights, where you can extend or limit what each team member sees.

Yes, absolutely. All files and tax returns can be assigned to a team member or collaborator, if at all.

No, additional licenses for collaborators are totally free

Yes, we provide you with a pre-filled questionnaire to be completed by your clients.
This will make your task easier and will allow you to quickly obtain the necessary information to prepare a tax return. This solution avoids unnecessary back and forth to obtain the essential information for the preparation of the return.

You will always receive a notification when the status of a report or file changes. At each step completed by the client you will be notified

Yes, we provide you with a company form to be completed by your customers so that you have the necessary information about the company.

Online payments are made entirely in a certified and secure environment
All payments will be made on the Stripe payment gateway which is secure and ensures the protection of your data and your reputation.
For more details, please visit Stripe’s website

Yes, we offer you personalized support and a free coaching session as a customer or user of the Dimpo platform for accountants.
If needed, please contact us to schedule an appointment

Yes, with our referral program you can recommend Dimpo platform to anyone who might be interested in our service.
As soon as that person signs up with us, you get two months free, and they also get one month free.
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