Dimpo : The optimal and secure accounting Cloud platform

Dimpo, an Accounting Cloud platform, is the ideal solution for accountants looking to simplify their accounting and tax management. Our cloud platform offers the best intuitive and centralized features, allowing you to:

  • Digitize and scan
  • Upload and store your docs
  • Electronic signature
  • Access anytime, from anywhere
  • Simple and secure
  • Online payment
  • Automated Pre-tax questionnaire
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Messaging

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Dimpo pour la gestion comptable en ligne - Your Cloud Accounting Platform

The All-in-One Platform to Simplify Your Accounting Tasks

Whether you’re an accountant working with individuals (T1) or companies (T2), Dimpo, the digital accounting platform, is designed to meet all your accounting and tax needs.

Cloud solution for accountants : Save time and increase productivity

Dimpo is the ideal cloud solution for accountants that allows you to download and access your accounting documents, anytime and from anywhere. We understand that your time is precious, which is why our platform aims to save you time, increase your productivity, and reduce your costs by eliminating the need for multiple paid applications.

  • Create your web profile page in one click and increase your web visibility
  • Centralize your messages and emails in one secure location
  • Boost your productivity
  • Reduce your phone calls and focus more on your files
  • Reduce waiting time for your clients' signatures
  • Access your files at any time and from anywhere
  • Your invoices will be generated and sent automatically to your clients.

Dimpo : The Key to modern accounting management

100% online mode

increase your visibility on the web

Digitize, scan

and store your files

Share and exchange

Easily any documents with your collaborators and clients


your workflow process

Unlimited electronic signature

integrated into the platform


immediately files to your collaborators

Benefits for accountants and clients

Dimpo offers a multitude of benefits for both accountants and their clients, creating a win-win partnership.


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The emerging technologies and the public health crisis we have experienced have accelerated the digital transformation across Canada, and the shift to digital has become a top priority necessity.

Digital is not a domain of activity or a strategy, but an essential tactic to integrate into every sector. The competitive advantage of our businesses will depend on their digital advantage

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