Let Dimpo work its magic: your accounting process is transformed into a 100% online solution with just one click!

Dimpo is not an online accounting or tax software, but rather a platform that provides access to a secure portal and workspace for accountants, their colleagues, and also their clients

Dimpo is a Canadian platform in SaaS mode, hosted on the cloud, designed for accountants and their clients to facilitate, digitize, and automate the accounting process. Dimpo offers you secure access to all your files at any time and on any device, wherever you are.

Makes the task easier for accountants, by offering multiple functionalities in one tool, it also helps save time and money.

Simplifies the automation and digitization of your business processes, thus improving the efficiency of your firm

Helps reduce your ecological footprint by reducing printing, paper waste, and travel.

Allows you to offer to your clients an exceptional user experience

The Dimpo platform brings together all the necessary tools for the work of an accountant, mainly modules for :

  • Client identification
  • Tax information questionnaire with controls and client assistance
  • Document sharing collaborative platform
  • Automation of the processing process
  • Document management with unlimited storage
  • Secure  online document sharing  portal in a single space.
  • Access your documents at any time, from anywhere and on any device
  • Comprehensive dashboard for accountants with real-time file summaries
  • Clear performance indicators for tracking and improving your activities
  • Customized web profile and branding
  • Unlimited electronic signatures. Your client won’t have to go to another platform to sign their declarations ; they’ll have everything they need on Dimpo.
  • Secure communication : Exchange securely with your clients without worrying about limits
  • Secure Payments : Get paid transparently and quickly, including cloud accounting. Accept payments directly on your portal (Integrated with Stripe)
  • Private messaging with intelligent notification management
  • File progress status : The client follows the progress of their file in real time
  • Notification system for each change in file status
  • Collaborator management : Collaborate with your colleagues and easily assign them files.