Get free months! Give us a boost and enjoy a reward

Save on the cost of an annual subscription by promoting Dimpo to your friends and colleagues!

With our referral program, recommend Dimpo to anyone you think may be interested in our service, and as soon as they sign up, you will be entitled to two free months and one free month for them (see conditions below)

How does it work ?

When your referral (the person you referred) signs up for the Dimpo company module, all they need to do is mention your name, email address, and phone number to be registered as your referral.

The process is very simple and quick.

What will you get?

Business owner using Dimpo:

As a referrer, if you recommend Dimpo to someone who signs up for the Dimpo company module, you will receive an additional two months of free usage (Pack S-1), while your referral will receive one month of free usage.

When will you receive free months?

As soon as your referral signs up

As soon as the referral completes their 12th month of subscription,

This offer is only applicable to the Company module