Abous us

We want to share our all-in-one cloud solution with our fellow accountants so that they can benefit also from this exceptional experience

Who are we?

Dimpo is a platform created, designed, and developed entirely by MN Digital Planet Inc., a Canadian company that is dedicated to helping accountants transition to digital processes and digitize their accounting tasks, for both individuals and companies.


Our mission is to accompany and provide accountants, whether in a firm or solo, with a reliable and secure all-in-one cloud solution to improve their productivity, succeed in the imminent digital transition, and strengthen the quality of their services to increase customer satisfaction.

Our values atDimpo

Utility and simplicity:

Our company brings significant value by combining utility and simplicity to offer you a platform that meets your needs effectively and is easy to use

Sharing of experiences and knowledge:

Our company adheres to the value of sharing experiences that strengthens the community by allowing everyone to benefit from each other's skills and discoveries

Security and confidentiality:

We are aware that we manage sensitive information, which is why we place great importance on implementing optimal security tools

Integrity and respect:

We adhere to these fundamental values that maintain honest and fair relationships with our customers, employees, and partners.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is our priority, we ensure to satisfy them by providing quality products and services

Why choose our services?

As accountants ourselves, we understand the needs of the profession and will continue to make improvements.

We have worked hard to make our platform simple, user-friendly, and intuitive for accountants and their clients, and we will continue to do so.

Our platform is hosted with the industry giant AWS Amazon Web Services, providing us with increased flexibility, scalability, security, and reliability.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting ! :

  • you only pay for what you use, and there are no fixed charges to pay
  • Cloud hosting allows for varying instance characteristics, whether it’s power, disk space, RAM, etc.
  • The cloud infrastructure is supported by highly secure dedicated servers that are regularly updated by AWS
  • Automated backup solutions can be quickly implemented.
  • Sharing of document resources. The cloud is a space that can be easily shared. Also, everyone has access to the same documents without differences in versions. No need to attach a file to your emails anymore.
  • Esprit libre: Finally, cloud computing means freeing up your mind.
    • No more need to search for a data center and sign a contract to rent a server rack.
    • No need to buy physical servers that will be obsolete in a few years, not to mention potential failures.
    • There is no need to physically travel to restart a server, reconfigure the network, or change the IT infrastructure. This frees up time for your IT services and allows you to consolidate all your contracts into one.

Our prices are carefully evaluated, transparent, without surprises, and based on the user-pays principle.

We offer you an excellent training and support service.

Reduce your environmental impact by printing less, managing less paper, and using fewer office supplies.