Once the accountant has completed their registration with Dimpo, their web profile page will be instantly active and online. This will allow them and their clients to access a working platform to start the accounting process immediately

Dimpo : The innovation that redefines accounting and tax management

  • Web profile : Accountants can create their profiles on the Dimpo platform, which includes their contact information and essential details. This allows clients to easily access the accountant’s details, fostering trust and transparency in their relationship.
  • Electronic signature : Dimpo makes it easy to use electronic signatures for accounting documents. Accountants can easily add an electronic signature to a document, which is especially useful when a client signature is required. This speeds up validation processes without the need for printing or scanning.
  • Secure messaging : The secure messaging integrated into Dimpo allows accountants and their clients to communicate in real time securely. Discussions remain confidential, and exchanges of sensitive information are protected.
  • Automatic invoicing and payment : Dimpo offers an automatic invoicing feature: invoices are generated and sent automatically to clients based on the services rendered. Our platform facilitates secure online payments for quick and hassle-free settlement.
  • Secure file sharing : Accountants’ clients can upload their files to Dimpo, which is a secure cloud-based accounting and tax platform. File sharing is done confidentially between the client and the accountant only, ensuring a high level of security.
  • Cloud data storage : Cloud data storage with Dimpo is flexible and scalable. The more data you add to the platform, the more space is allocated to meet your needs. This approach ensures efficient data management without worrying about insufficient storage space.
  • KPI performance management: Dimpo provides statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help accountants assess their efficiency and make informed decisions. This allows for optimizing accounting processes, tracking performance, and providing better service to its clients.

100% online workflow with your clients

Complete your web profile, activate online payment, and you’re all set!

Personalized assistance and a free coaching session will be provided to all clients and trial version users of our Dimpo platform.

Guides and user manuals will also be provided for you and your clients as needed to ensure better online accounting management.

1.Client registration

2.Secure upload and exchange of files

3. File processing by the accountant

4.Electronic signature

8. Closing the file

7. Submission to the government

6. Declaration result

5.Online payment

the recording